I sing you into my loving arms…

Song for Guitar …

I am your God,
I am the Word,
Come to me, I forgive you!

take time my friend… and read God’s Word, the Bible … see

Matthew 11: 28 to 30 and Luke 15 : 12-32

a call for repentance,


Are you landed on your life where the “biblical pigs”are? Do you just function in oppression, lack? Do you suffer misery and feel dirty? Are you ashamed for the many mistakes that you’ve already done?

Then come to your senses! Remember, there is a God, a Heavenly Father who is waiting with open arms for you. Where he is, is love, acceptance, no guilt, he will never accuse you because forgiveness comes. The bitterness and sadness turns into joy and you have again power … power to serve your God, to love your neighbour and yourself, to forgive and love your spouse.

Lord – Give us the grace of repentance.
Let us recognize and do your will,
give us a willingness to discipline,
we ask you to give us the power to defeat and overcome addictions and compulsions;
so that we can walk in your ways. Teach us to counter evil with good!
Thank you for your goodness and mercy! Thank you, thank you and thank you again … in Jesus’ name – AMEN

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