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Devotion 2016-07-28

Shalom I wish you a blessed and spirit guided day. The Spirit of God wants to change you, he wants to help you, let it be!

Romans 2, 12

But we have received this spirit – the spirit that comes from God, not the spirit of the world. Therefore we can also see what God has in His grace bestowed upon us all.

So you understand.

God’s Spirit knows everything and knows God’s plans in all its depth, height and width. At the right time and the right way, he will reveal (Rom 2: 10-16), what God has prepared for you if you really from wholeheartedly love him (Rom 2: 9). Love and trust him from the heart and from all the understanding, he shall direct thy. Trust the leadership and guidance of the Spirit, no matter how your visible life also may seem, God always comes at the right time and never late. The Holy Spirit is there for you with advice and assistance, you are never alone, in all your ways he is with you.

When reading and studying the Bible, the Holy Spirit give you more understanding of the truth. Always Involve the Holy Spirit with a if you read the Bible, because it opens you dimension font you you can never imagine. He will direct your reading so that you get inspiration for your current circumstances. Again and again he will give you joy of word, then it is not a duty but a pleasure for you to read the word.

Even the Spirit of God gives you as a faithful disciple of Jesus the firm assurance that the Bible is of divine origin (Jn 16, 13; Eph 1, 17). All Scripture is inspired by God (2 Tim 3, 16). Through the Spirit of God you will never doubt it.

Pray that the Holy Spirit is to guide your heart and thoughts always and lead. Challenge yourself at all times under the protection of the blood of Jesus Christ.

God’s protection, blessings and peace

your pastor Lionheart (Thorsten Wurm)

Devotion 2016-07-27

Shalom I wish you a blessed and peaceful day. Enjoy the peace of God and keep peace with everyone!

Romans 5: 10

We have indeed reconciled to God by the death of his Son while we were still his enemies. Then it may nevertheless not be otherwise, as we will now see through Christ and salvation – now that we are reconciled and where Christ is risen and alive.

are Saved by His life power. Hallelujah Praise our Lord, thank you what he did for you for everything. God’s gracious gift of forgiveness to assume that was made available through Jesus personal sacrifice, is the first step of spiritual salvation (Rom 3: 21-26; 4: 5-9). Open with joy the sacrifice Jesus for you and your life.

This is the boundary line, when you step on the path of personal communion with Christ and you zubewegst to your destiny of eternal life with him. It is the first step to eternal together with Jesus Christ.

As long as you live by faith and obey Christ, the salvation acts ever in you. If God loved you enough that he sent his son to die for you when you were his enemy were (Rom 5: 8), how much more will he now that you are now His child, any pension take to get your relationship with him. Route thou also of all times after communion with God. Avoid sin and stretch you out for a holy life, because God is holy, thou also holy. Living in communion with God, through the Holy Spirit. He will guide you in everything and run and he shall direct thy, trust.

If you have been forgiven through Jesus’ sacrificial death and you are reconciled to God, how much more then guaranteed his resurrection from the dead your salvation and your eternal life with God. (Rom 4, 22-5, 2; 5, 9-10; 1 Cor 1, 30; Phil 2: 12-16; Col. 3: 3-4; 1 Thesis 1, 10; 2 Tim 2, 12; James 1 , 12). God wants to live with you in eternal community, he has done everything you can do out of love, he sacrificed his son for you, so much God loves you. As much as he longs for the eternal

Communion with you. Through Jesus Christ God’s order is prepared resist. Think in all because you are a holy child of God, you are a visiting card of God. At you the world may know who Jesus Christ is.

God’s protection, blessings and peace

Pastor Lionheart (Thorsten Wurm)

Devotion 2016-07-26

Shalom, I wish you a wonderful and blessed day. All of you run out shall be done in peace and in love. Examine yourself and your behavior, deliberately the word of God.

1.Johanes 5, 2

By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and obey his commandments.

Be an ambassador of God’s love!

We heard the hitherto not vice versa:

The visible attention to visible brother was the identification of otherwise not clearly identifiable love of the invisible God (1 John 4.7; 4,12.19 f)? Full steam ahead already clear how versatile the word “love” is, precisely when we apply it to our behavior to other people.

Even Jesus distinguished the true love that he meant by that mutual kindness among themselves, which is also found in the “publicans” and the “nations” (Mt 5, 46-48). Only when God our love bears hard on yourself, it is in Jesus meaning “love”.

That is what even the apostles. He will have seen it as just in the community, in “believing circle”, an effeminate friendliness to be gripping and with “love” may be confused, a kindness and good nature that just no longer true service of love in his brother fighting his sin and against his errors does.

As always, “when we love God and his commandments do” when our God pure and holy being is in sight and his commandments we are adamant walk ways and landmarks, only “love” we as brothers as the “children “this holy living” God “must be loved and often loved with relentless Ernst cope.

Pray for the love of God in your heart and your life and pray that you are a representative of love here on earth will.

Decide in everything deliberately for the love in your heart. Use the love of God that is poured out by the Holy Spirit in your heart. It is present in you, do not let them wither, use the love of God over and over again, because it did you get paid.

God’s protection, blessings and peace

your pastor Lionheart

Devotion 2016-07-25

Shalom I wish you a blessed and successful start into the new week. May the Lord bless your hands work and everything you do!

1 John 4: 20

If anyone says, I love God, and hateth his brother but, as he is a liar; because who does not love his brother whom he has seen, can not love, he does not see God!

God’s love and brotherly love are inseparable!

Is still got a “bid” required after the apostle had brought to the essentially necessary context of God’s love and of brotherly love? And, a “bid” help us?

It is as if John inwardly hear how arise objections to his short, sharp sentence in 1 John 4:20.

Since it is only the opinion of the apostle, one could think differently at this point also. Yes, we must even love for God as the more important of the love solve brother. As emphasized John: Everything I wrote is not only my own opinion. I follow it a clear commandment of God.

My remarks you could start a discussion and contrast make your contrary opinions. But any discussion is over, when we stand before our Lord’s command.

Pray for the brotherly love, so that God’s love bear fruit in your life.

God’s protection, blessings and peace

Pastor Lionheart (Thorsten Wurm)

Devotion 2016-07-24

Shalom I wish you a contemplative and peaceful Sunday. Rejoice always in the Lord, praise and prizes thy Lord without a break!

1 John 4: 19

We love because God first loved us.

God is always the first!

This sentence speaks of the irreconcilable contexts in life and love Walter. He does it particularly clear when we “agapomen” hold here as indicative: “We love because he first loved us. Love is not our invention and our art. But we can only love because God gratuitous love hit us.

God is in creation, God is fundamental to the redemption of the “first”, the loved, because he is “love”, and he is also in our personal lives with our salvation of the “first”, who loved and made us “godless , sinners, enemies “beloved children made.

He is always anew he who with his love comes first, even if you condemned your heart in your life as a Christian. He gives you the new ones and gives it to you so that it “ejects fruit”.

Pray for your life to change bears fruit, which can recognize the world to you who Jesus Christ is that all feel the love of God through you and out.

Be the wholeheartedly thankful for God’s love and that he has delivered you from the power of darkness and death, to eternal life. Rejoice always, and praise and prizes his wonderful name of the Lord.

God’s protection, blessings and peace

Pastor Lionheart (Thorsten Wurm)

Devotion 2016-07-23

Shalom I wish you a blessed and relaxing day in the arms of Jesus. Enjoy and have fun in mind that you are a child of God!

1 John 4: 18

There is no fear in love; perfect love casts out fear. The fear thinks yes to punishment. Whoever is afraid of is not yet perfect in love.

In the perfection of love is not fear!

We Ensure immediately that John does not say our hearts that no fear was in him, but makes its statement of love. We have one of those short phrases of the Apostle before us that he represents without discussion and which are true simply in itself.

In fact, in the real love “fear” no room. “Fear” is for real loves a foreign body, they “eject”. Of course, it does so only and can do it where the “perfect love” is the only. “Complete” means here – as well as 1 Co 2,6 and Phil 3:15 – not a perfectionist “perfection”.

But fear not actually many Christians?

John himself has mentioned that “condemns our heart”. Let’s look at the scaring our failures in love, the many unkindness in thoughts, words and actions that are there for us before we know it? Then comes not justly fear in our hearts? She does, precisely because we’nicht now “made perfect in love” were. But the apostle tells us in his letter many times, then where is the help for us.

Then we must confess, receive forgiveness, be cleaned. In this experience God’s love comes with us to their destination. From such loved by God brings new love in us, and then this love comes the fruit from. It is this expression shows that John reckons that we do not ever walk in the heights of fearlessness, but are challenged by fear. That’s why he does not write, that our hearts once and for all have the fear behind them and they no longer know.

It happens again and again the “ejecting” the fear through love, the completed “fills our hearts”. It must also be seen at this point that John the word “love” comprising hand and simultaneously God’s love for us and wrought by God in us love means to him and to the brothers.

Jesus says to you, in the world you’re scared, but be strong, I have overcome the world. (John 16:33).

Pray for that you overcome your fruit through love, because fear is not in love. Pray for love and you’ll lose the fear.

God’s protection, blessings and peace

Pastor Lionheart (Thorsten Wurm)

Devotion 2016-07-22

Shalom I wish you a blessed and victorious day, in all situations. Call the power from the Holy Spirit for you!

2 Timothy 1, 6

For this reason I remind you to rekindle the gift of God which is by laying on of my hands in you;

Let the fire of God’s gift ………… .wieder burn.

The gift (gr. Charismatic, literally. Gift of grace, of charis, “grace”) that Timothy has received, with a fire compared (see FIG. 1 Thessalonians 5, 19), which he incite and again is intended to burn.

This passage indicates that the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit areas will only be strong and alive, after receiving it. You must be using the grace of God driven (that is his undeserved favor, love and spiritual qualifications). Keep never stand and find yourself at the minimum. You receive the full power of God, never cease to capitalize on this.

Ignite the fire of God every day, called an orderly. Pay attention to the fire at all times, make sure that it is always burning. It never will confidently, according to the motto, now I need not always make sure I am an ardent Christian, that fire goes faster than you may think. Do not boast that you do like, but make sure that you do not fall.

Now you imagine probably the question is how am I going to the fire of God I Rekindle the fire of this? This is done through your prayers, your faith and obedience to God.

Obedience is that you hintenanstellst your own will.

You have to use continuously these spiritual gifts, so that they remain effective in your life are others continue to be a blessing. Involve the Holy Spirit continually in your life with a. You’re not alone, you have to drag not alone the coals, because you have the Holy Spirit, it helps the hauling.

The Holy Spirit is not a maybe, theoretically existing being, no, the Holy Spirit is always and always ready for you. Use your resources you have and effortless you not alone from.

God’s protection, blessings and peace

Pastor Lionheart (Thorsten Wurm)

Devotion 2016-07-21

Shalom, I wish you a blessed and rich commitment day. The profess your Redeemer and Savior, is to accompany you. Have no fear, I have to confess at all locations sincerity thy Redeemer. Confess joyfully and wholeheartedly!

1 John 4, 14 – 15

And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent the Son as Savior of the world.

Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, in which God and he in God.


This knowledge makes man a Christian. But it is here – as in Jo 4,42 – to “Jesus”; not to a heavenly spirit beings, but to the “come in the flesh” son of God.

Therefore John continues: “Whoever confesses some that Jesus is the Son of God, in him God and he in God.” We need to consider in what strict parallels the apostle represents the faith and love here. “If we love one another, God remains in us,” it said in 1 John 4, 12. Now it is said that God “remains” in anyone who “confesses that Jesus is the Son of God.” John Entangled in a contradiction? If now suddenly but the “dogma” that “sound doctrine” in place of “love”?

No, for John heard both inseparable. The love is born indeed in us only from the love of God for us. And the fire of love meets us only when we have recognized in Jesus the Son of God, who is sent by God as a means of atonement for our sins in the world. And vice versa proves a commitment to Jesus that our heart is not inflamed to love as spurious and as an empty mind thing.

If John used herein “confess” the word, he means the public confession of Jesus that in the contemporary world into mannigfaches suffering. So it was then not so easy to store a Oberflächliges lip service. Who but he suffered because of his commitment, at its may consolation: “in him God and he in God.”

You see how important that profess your faith is, you’re not appointed Underground Christ, no thou shalt confess thy faith. However, if the love of God is in you, then you will confess and every want to tell him. So as if you’re in love with a man and you’re hooked, each will you tell your new love. Equally you will want to tell people of your God because his love lives in you.

Pray for the fire of love in your heart, pray that you overcome yourself and the world tell like, who is Jesus Christ.

God’s protection, blessings and peace

your pastor Lionheart

Devotion 2016-07-20

Shalom I wish you a blessed about God guided day. Listen to the voice of God and let guide you by the Holy Spirit and run!

1 John 4, 13

By this we know that we abide in him and he in that he has given us of his Spirit in us.

The Holy Spirit in you!

And what we remember receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit?

Here Opens not but again the room mystical experiences and supernatural powers?

John does not address this question.

But he would probably agree with his fellow apostles Paul and answer us: Behold the “fruit of the Spirit” in contrast to all “works of the flesh” (Gal 5, 19-2)!

The first basic fruit is love. And just they and only they, the truly ‘supernatural and essentially Divine. Gifted to God “out of his mind”, as it is literally in the text, he gives us loving heart. Now we could be sure the Apostle accused that he might bring us around in circles.

When God remains in us?

If we love one another.

How do we recognize God Stay in us?

On his Spirit he gave us.

And what we notice the reality of this gift of God?

At its fruit, the love.

So he ends with the “love one another”, from which it emanated. But this circle is necessary. He is the only form in which we can describe the cycle of life.

Just because our love is just not our own performance, but fruit of the Spirit of God, the Great statement can be made that God remains in us if we love one another. Our Stay in God and God abiding in us is documented in the indwelling of the Spirit of God in us. But this spirit, so the spirit of God, proves fundamentally on its precious fruit that corresponds to the nature of God; to love. As such circle the statement we can talk about the wonders of being a Christian.

Once again made us aware that love is the starting point for everything and through it all is fulfilled. We must never neglect the love that love is all without love everything is nothing.

Pay attention to your behavior in this world, watch your behavior towards your brother. I know it from our own experience how hard it is, how fast I get above myself, how fast it happens that I get upset over a man and was developing bad thoughts.

This is wrong, even a small bad thought is no longer in love, purify your thoughts so that good fruit may arise, the results just a good seed a healthy fruit.

Pray for your thoughts, pray that love lives in your heart. Pray for that every seed grows through love.

God’s protection, blessings and peace

your pastor Lionheart

Devotion 2016-07-19

Shalom I wish you a blessed and peaceful day. Everything emanates from you shall come in peace and love!

Galatians 5: 18

So as the fall of a condemning all people led so also leads the righteous actions of a all men to justification of life.

Legal system of one for all people.

The sin brings condemnation by itself and affects all people. By the fall in paradise, we are all born sinners. Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise because they have not resisted the temptation. How well you live henceforth in the sphere of Satan is the ruler of this world. If you reject God and His revelation in your heart (that is, their conscience) are engraved or explains in the written word (Rom 2: 12-16).

Likewise is spiritual salvation – the “acquittal, the launched lead” – and to be all men a concrete reality, God’s gracious gift of life through faith in Jesus Christ must be received.

You can resist in the name Jesus Christ said Mr. Chung of Satan. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father only through Him (John 14: 6). Give glory to Jesus Christ, ask forgiveness of your sins and accept the forgiveness as free gift. Then the Creator God’s order Wider Made, you get eternal life and free access to Paradise, the New Jerusalem.

God’s protection, blessings and peace

Pastor Lionheart (Thorsten Wurm)